spring gesture

Starting with a primed panel I penciled a grid interrupted with arcs.  I brushed in ink as the hierarchy of line and curve developed.  An ink wash established values before washes of color layered over the top.  Keeping the color thin and the contrast high gave the piece the look of glowing stained glass.

spring gesture
acrylic and ink on panel, cradled box frame
37.5 x 48″

  1. Mark said:

    This has to be the best use of a GIF I’ve seen. Love the stained glass look, great use of colour.

    • Thanks, Mark!

      I had to look up how to make them in photoshop, the last time I knew how Ps6 was new.
      I haven’t seen this piece since it sold and have always intended to string these shots together. Seeing it now makes me wish I’d shot with video in mind, though the ‘breathing’ is interesting.
      Wonderful stuff you have over there, I’m enjoying your remixes.
      Thanks again,


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